A Nonviolent Carbondale Initiative

The Peacemaking Tree

Imagine a culture of peace in Carbondale: A city in which compassion, equality, social justice, and nonviolence are part of our everyday actions and decisions.

Help grow Carbondale’s Peacemaking Tree by submitting your response to these questions:

  • What challenges should we confront to advance peacemaking in our city?
  • How can we – individually and as a community – do so?

Submit your ideas for how we, as a community, can address local problems through peacemaking – and help us advance Carbondale’s emerging culture of peace.

Share Your Ideas

Written submissions are limited to the space provided. We welcome submissions of artwork/photos from individuals, as well as photographs of peacemaking tree projects facilitated in school classrooms, student groups, or other settings.

The Nonviolent Carbondale Committee will share selected proposals with coalition members and organizations in town, consider our own actions in light of these proposals, and re-post submissions on our website. Nonviolent Carbondale reserves the right to omit proposals or comments deemed appropriate.

Visit the Peacemaking Tree Project often to view ideas submitted by others. We welcome reflections on the tree in order to inspire continuous dialogue about peacemaking in Carbondale.

Share Your Reflections on the Peacemaking Tree

The Peacemaking Tree Project is part of Nonviolent Carbondale’s 11 Days for Peace initiative. For more information, visit www.nonviolentcarbondale.org. Thanks to SIU Imagining Geographies and Civic Communication Collective for assistance in creating this site.


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